Code of Conduct

DesignX community is an online and offline community of UX & Design practitioners, enthusiasts, and supporters. Our team is here to support your professional growth, help you build your network and collaborate with your local community. We ask of you as a member of the community to help us build a community that is safe, diverse and welcoming for all. Welcome to the DesignX Community

The following suggestions and guidelines are intended to make the community easier and more enjoyable to use.

Community Guidelines

You make this community
Discussions, debate, comments, and feedback are always welcome. We’re all friends here so be considerate and respectful as you would with your own friends when communicating with each other. We know disagreements happen, but please refrain from personal attacks and toxic behaviour. Let’s build each other up and drive the design community forward!

Your contributions make us stronger
Have something you’re working on that you want to promote? Go for it! We encourage you to promote your work, articles and events but we would love for you to actively engage and contribute to the community as well if you are going to do so.

Confidentiality and privacy of your content
No one has signed an NDA to participate in this Slack, and you should not presume anything you say here will remain private, so act accordingly. Protect IP and legally-protected information.
If you want to publicly disclose anything discussed here, use Chatham House Rule as the guideline (“participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed”).

Don’t be afraid to ask!
We’re here to help support you! So don’t be afraid to ask questions, send us feedback, or even complain! If you are uncertain you should post something, or a bit nervous to post (if your employer is in the community) we can post on your behalf (anonymously) and help get you the answers you need.

Being respectful of slack group
Membership in the DesignX Slack group is a privilege, not a right, and admins reserve the right to remove folks not behaving appropriately. The team puts in a lot of work to ensure the slack group engagement is healthy and active. We do reserve the right to discourage leveraging our slack group for the pure purpose of pushing traffic to your personal initiatives/events without adding much value in return.

How we can help

On the hunt for a job or fantastic new employee? If you are hiring for your team posting #jobs lets you reach out to the community and helps them to put a face to their potential future colleague or company.

Have career questions, need feedback or looking to connect with people one-on-one in the community? Feel free to reach out through our different channels or join our #coffee-and-donuts to get magically matched with someone new in the community each week!

Want to share the latest and greatest tools, articles or design frameworks? Share your knowledge and expertise and start a conversation! We love to debate on tools and test out new things!

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns that you would like to share with us – email Preet at