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2018 UX & Design Conferences for TO Folks

Exploring conferences? Look no further, the DesignX community has got your back. Immerse yourself in the full learning experience of different types of conferences. Network. Refresh. Or take that next leap forward in your career.

What’s new?

Our community members Mosef and Jennifer C. inspired us to compile a list of all the conferences in North America. Using their list and references as a starting point, we’ve created this list!

This comprehensive list includes the design, innovation, and creativity conferences announced so far for 2018. We’ve added quite some neat information points beyond the names, ticket prices etc.

Speakers & Format

We’ve listed the Headline Speakers & the format of the conference, be it talks or workshops etc. Identify any keynote folks?

Topic & Themes

Looking for a business design conference? No matter what you’re interested in (design thinking, UX, etc.), it’s all tagged!

Total Budget

Need approvals for conference budgets? We’ve calculated the approx total cost (conference + flight + accommodation) for you.


We’ve researched the approx. accommodation cost based on the average hotel prices in the hosting city, in CAD.
Did we miss something? Please do share if you know of any other noteworthy conferences in North America.

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