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Wednesday, September 2 | 12PM EDT | VIRTUAL

Driving Collaboration & Design Leadership through Design Sprints

In this talk, Rahul, Senior UX Designer at Amazon, will walk us through what a design sprint is, how to determine if yours has been successful, how to document design sprints, and more.

๐Ÿ—“ย  Wednesday, September 2 | 12PM EDT
ย ๐ŸŽŸ Free to attend


25 mins presentation followed by 15 mins Q&A


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โœจ About the Session

One of the major problems as designers working across domains is driving collaboration between stakeholders. Specifically in the user experience space stakeholder management becomes very critical as every stakeholder inputs matters. If the inputs are not sought at the right time it could hamper or slow down the project at any point. In UX the collaboration is typically between Product Managers, Developers, Program Managers, Marketers, Leadership, and a Designer. All these points of view come in various forms like Business requirement documents (BRDs), Excel sheets, Customer anodes, Pitch plans, etc. Your job as a designer is to merge all these viewpoints and come up with a common vision to move ahead. One of the design methods we have been using is Design sprints (Method invented by Google ventures team) to drive collaboration among the team. Design sprints are a 5-day end-end design process right from identifying the needs of users to testing the low fidelity prototype with the end customers.

The talk will focus on:
What is a design sprint?
How to conduct a Design Sprint?
How to define a success metric for a design sprint?
How Design sprints are beneficial for you as a designer and for your organisation?
What are the common barriers you will face when organising a design sprint?
How to document a Design Sprint?
How to present your design sprint outcomes?

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