This is not a positon or job but a consulting assignment. The Town of Innisfil is seeking a staged proposal to undertake an Investor User Experience Design process.
The ultimate goal is to make investing in Innisfil as easy as ordering a book on-line from Amazon. We want to have an investor user experience in our municipality like Amazon’s, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc… is for their users. Proposal:
As stated, the town is seeking a staged proposal with the ultimate goal of undergoing a user experience design that includes a comprehensive scoping out of the goals, situational analysis – including mapping out the various departments and potential investment inquiries and handling flows, interview key players within the organization, understanding the types of investment inquires as well as the various policies, rules, regulations and stream of communication.
Phase 1:
Could include but is not limited to scoping out the project and undertaking the research, interviews, etc..
Phase 2:
Actual User Experience Design strategic recommendation and mapping out the implementation of our Investor User Experience
Phase 3:
Assisting with the roll out, implementation and training. How do we turn this into our daily work with respect to systems and processes. Guidebook, on-line tools, performance measures system, etc…
We are not User Experience experts, so we are looking not guidance regarding the best process to follow.

This is an immediate December 2020 opportunity