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Heidi Tsao
In addition to learning a ton, I got my current job thanks to DesignX. By interacting in the community, I was able to make some key contacts, get known, and build some relationships that helped me get my foot in the door and ultimately, the job. A design networking must.
Vasilis Baimas
Having a community to rely upon means that you’re surrounded by people who know exactly what it is you’re going through. DesignX community helped me to share my knowledge, to make me think about what I do and how I do it from another person’s viewpoint. It helps to establish me as an expert in my field.
Joanna Ambrosio
Being part of the DesignX community has helped me broaden my perspective and made me a better designer because of it. I appreciate the sense of unity and togetherness, which we all need at some point. I can’t thank the DesignX organizers enough, thank you for connecting us in this wonderful community.
Vicky Liu
Being in DesignX gave me direct access to resources and insights related to UX/UI and user centred design practices that helps me grow as a UX designer & researcher. I rely on the ongoing discussions, feedback and events to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the field. I’m grateful for having this online community in the midst of a pandemic that supports my career growth.
Apurv Ray
DesignX acted as a catalyst to find new friends and opportunities in a completely new city with amazing events like ‘pantones and patios’ and ‘design leadership conference’. Without it, I wouldn’t even have scratched the surface of the Toronto design industry. And now that they’ve gone digital-first I am meeting and interacting with great minds all around the world.
Leandro Fernandez
Joining DesignX helped me break into the product design industry! I found both my first internship and junior role through DesignX. The support and opportunities I’ve gained from this community are unmatched.

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