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Leveraging E2E User Journeys for Decision-making, Alignment, and Agile Product Development.
Marimar Suarez
Leadership Paths for IC Designers
Carolann Merchant
12 Side Projects in 12 Months
Kezie Todd
How You Can Build Your Side Project Using Editor X
Gali Erez
How Learning to Sew Made Me a Better a Leader
Maria Pereda
How to Get Your Side Hustle Featured in the Media
Jacky Habib
Automation in Side Projects
Stephanie Eckles
Work life balance without discounting your income
Josiah Duinkerk
Growing & Scaling Side Projects
Carly Ayres
Designing Design Tools
Gleb Sabirzyanov
Productizing Your Services From The Start
Tyler Gillespie
Creating a Paid Newsletter Subscription
Rosie Sherry

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