How to Deconstruct a User Interface

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Bob Baxley

Senior Vice-President, Design and Experience

Currently we lack a shared vocabulary to describe the individual elements of a user interface. Having such a vocabulary would allow us to talk about UI with the same sophistication and specificity with which we talk about movies where we routinely break the experience into elements like plot, character, cinematography, acting, editing, and more.

I'm a design executive, advisor, mentor, and advocate that has built, managed, and led UX teams at some of Silicon Valley’s most respected companies. My career spans three decades, including executive design roles at Apple, Pinterest, Yahoo!. Currently, I serve as the Senior Vice-President of Design at ThoughtSpot, a business intelligence and data analytics platform. I'm also an advisor to Project Invent, reflecting my commitment to recruiting and inspiring the next generation of designers -- mentoring individuals and advising organizations that are working to improve the profession and practice of digital product design.