All-Remote UX at Scale

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Christie Lenneville

UX Director, Gitlab

GitLab's UX team grew from around 16 to almost 60 in the past year. UX is a deeply collaborative practice. So, how do you maintain that collaboration in an all-remote UX team? And how do you hire people who will feel comfortable practicing UX all remote? In this talk, GitLab's UX Director talks about the company's experiences building and managing an all-remote UX team of 60 Product Designers, UX Researchers, and Technical Writers.

Christie is honored to lead a team of almost 60 UX practitioners (Product Design, UX Research, and Technical Writing) at GitLab, the world's largest all-remote company. Prior to GitLab, Christie led UX teams at Rackspace and H-E-B. Christie started practicing UX over 20 years ago, as a web designer/developer, content strategist, and technical writer. She's enjoyed watching the practice evolve during that time, and she learns new things from her team every day. Now, her focus is on enabling other UXers to do their best work and helping her team channel their talent and creativity into making amazing things.