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A Designer’s Guide to the Dark Arts of Workplace Politics
Yitong Zhang
Staff Designer, Coinbase
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Yitong is a designer and occasionalPM at Coinbase, working on core product and design systems. He's also the maker of Autoflow, a popular figma plugin.
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Most people don’t do it because it feels icky and mysterious, to their great detriment. But if you do it right, it’s a powerful and legitimate tool in your belt. Why? Because you can: 1. Create better problems and constraints that lead to a superior solution space for your design 2. Influence the roadmap so that your team can work on the right problems. 3. Change the project process so that you and your team can deliver higher quality products Why you should trust Yitong: 1. They’re probably the only designer who majored and taught organizational psychology (aka the study of work teams) 2. They’ve successfully navigated their own organization: initiating major projects that shaped the roadmap, and changing the way we work.

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