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Invisible Design Systems
Jina Anne
Design Systems Advocate
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Jina is an advisor at Jobroo and Haiku. She is a Google Developers Expert in Web Technologies Expert (previously Visual Design). She led design systems at Amazon, Salesforce, and Apple. She’s worked with W3C Web Accessibility Initiative, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Mass.gov, etc. Jina runs Clarity (the Design Systems conference), Design Systems Coalition, and the Design Systems Slack. Jina co-authored the Design Systems Handbook, Fancy Form Design, and The Art & Science of CSS. Jina has spoken at Adobe MAX, AIGA Design Conference, An Event Apart, etc. Print Magazine featured her as a leading San Francisco creative.
📃 Talk Bio
As our design and engineering tools get closer and closer together, will we come to a point where we don’t need the style guide website? Can our tools surface suggestions for better accessibility, localization, performance, and usability, because our design system is baked in? This talk explores the possibilities of invisible design systems, the no code movement, and smarter design tools.

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