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Work life balance without discounting your income
Josiah Duinkerk
Founder & CEO, Annut Design & Development
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Josiah is the founder of Annut Design & Development. He freelances on multiple projects simultaneously as a senior product designer, manages remote developers in Brasov Romania. He's building his own software design tool Sluice, and is a father of two.
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How to take into account the social aspect of life (Children, relationship, mental-physical health) when creating a strategy to increase your streams of income in these uncertain times. I juggle on average 2 to 3 projects for top companies like Adidas, Randtstad, De Persgroep, ANWB. As Corona has caused many freelancers to lose their projects, I would like to share my experience to inspire on ways we can continue to provide for ourselves and the ones we love.

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