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Design Systems in Practice
Kat Davis
Design Director, Frog Design
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Kat is a Design Director at frog and heads up the design practice in the SF studio. She leads multi-disciplinary teams to tackle design challenges facing the government and the Fortune 500. Her work spans digital and physical product design and includes design language systems, enterprise software, mobile apps, VUIs, museum experience design. She’s comfortable leading multiple facets of the design process, from research and strategy to interaction, visual design, prototyping, and software development. Kat is a passionate teacher of design to current and aspiring designers and frequently speaks on the topics of design research and interaction design. She served as Guest Faculty for the University of Washington’s Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design department and lead and designed one of the first UX course's for General Assembly. When not designing, she moonlights as an improvisational comedian.
📃 Talk Bio
This talk covers how to create a design system in your organization. We'll talk about some practical tips and tricks, and go into what it takes to get organizational buy-in. We'll touch on key questions we use with our clients to think about the best way to build and maintain your organization's design system. We'll use some real-world examples to talk about approaches we've taken to build out the design system and roadmap.

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