The New Balance of Things

Martin Kool

Global Head of User Experience, MediaMonks

The New Balance of Things With teams now more remote than ever, we seem to need more of everything too. More calls to align, more tools to collaborate, more ""non-mandatory coffee corners"". And even though the situation seems to call for leaders to be more directly involved and more visible to your team, it actually requires altitude to find the new balance of things.

Martin leads the UX design team at MediaMonks. An incredibly divers group of 40 designers spread across 9 locations. They speak over 9 languages and come from even more cultures, much like the people we design for. His team supports clients like Google, Amazon, HP, P&G, McLaren, adidas, Weber and Akzo Nobel with delivering outstanding user experiences through web, apps, VR and installations. Martin also works with all of the 130+ team leads at MediaMonks to share leadership knowledge, inspire with stories and form a network of support.

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