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The Atomic Unit of Design is the Team
Peter Merholz
Author, Co-Founder, Adaptive Path
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Peter Merholz has been active in digital design and product for 25 years, most notably in building premier user experience consultancy, Adaptive Path, and now a design executive and product leader. He co-wrote Org Design for Design Orgs (O’Reilly), the first book focused on the organizational, managerial, and operational challenges of building in-house design teams.
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"Design at scale"" is perhaps the most interesting challenge facing the design industry right now. How do you maintain quality and not get bogged down as your team grows? Much of the public discussion focuses on design systems, but that plays into a mechanistic orientation that ends up limiting design's impact. In this talk, Peter will stress how ""Design at Scale"" is humanism at scale, and share what's needed to keep people at the center of this work. Before you build design systems, you need to develop a strong design culture and put the work in to find and keep the best people on the team. Also, key to maintaining quality as you scale is robust team leadership, and Peter will explain the crucially pivotal role of the design Team Lead.

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