Facilitation Can Give You a Seat at the Table

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Shipra Kayan

Visual Collaboration Advocate

Facilitation can get you a “seat at the table”.​​Early in my career, I had a lot of good ideas that would never make the roadmap. It wasn’t because my designs were not good, or my arguments were not convincing. I realized, it was because the team was misaligned on the problems we should solve. My journey into design leadership began when I started facilitating meetings, using co-creation techniques, instead of presentations.​​This mini-workshop will get you energized and confident about converting some of your own ineffective meetings into workshops. We will talk about the anatomy of a well-facilitated design meeting, I will share some examples, and you will get a chance to design your own design workshop.

I am an entrepreneur and designer dedicated to transforming the way we work together as a global community. My vision is to create a world where two people of any cultural or geographic origin can come together to collaborate and learn from one another. I lead design for workshops at Miro. Previously, I have been a designer, researcher, leader at Upwork, and run my own consulting practice facilitating meetings & workshops.