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Helping build our community

The Team

Helping build our community


From crafting weekly newsletters, vetting every single slack application to a welcoming face at our DesignX event check in – there is a team of talented individuals behind every DesignX initiative and experience. These are some folks from our DesignX fam.

Win Shi Wong

Marketing Guru + Cat Gif Curator

Victoria Whang

Content Wizard + Cafe Connoisseur

Samaher Ramzan

Community Strategist + Research Jedi

Mike D’Elia

Ops Master + Hospitality Veteran

Preet Singh


Jude Saqer

Social Wiz + Ice Breaker Specialist

Yuki Zhong

Email Crafter + Sports Junkie


Research Expert + Social Butterfly

Emily Fan

Strategy Sensei + Chips Enthusiast

Interested in joining us? Do let us know.