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As they say, it takes a village to raise a design community (or something like that) so we’re excited that you’re interested in volunteering your time.

Our 4 verticals

Our team members usually end up (on average) spending around 4 hours a week helping out – There are monthly team meetings for the entire DesignX team, and biweekly check-ins within your specific vertical. If all this sounds a bit too intimidating or not of much interest, please do share!


This is the team responsible for any special content pieces that DesignX wants to put out (i.e. conference lists, interviews etc)


This is THE team that helps run the events. From finding food and venue partners to automating all our processes.


This is the vertical that is responsible for our social media and the awesome newsletter that goes out weekly.

Community Strategy

This team is responsible for understanding the needs of our community from learning events to surveys etc.

About DesignX

Just like the algebraic variable X that takes on multiple values, DesignX intends to bring together all design disciplines across the globe.

Organizing Team

We're a bunch of creatives, comprising of Product Designers, Print Designers & Design Enthusiasts. All for the of Design.


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