Planning + Facilitating Usability Testing Sessions

Learn what usability is, what are we testing for when we employ this research method and when should/shouldn’t this method be used. Get insights on how to structure your usability plan so to address your key research goals. Gain practical guidance and tips on how to talk to users during a test to get the most out of your session. All this in a power packed webinar!


Danielle Juneau

User Researcher, TWG

Danielle is a User Researcher at TWG where she helps product companies better understand the people they are designing for. She also conducts research at all phases of product development, from developing a product strategy to conducting post-launch testing and optimization. She also leads the UXRTO Meetup, a space for UX Researchers in Toronto.



Co-founder, Strategyzer

Alan Smith loves creating the world’s most simple, practical, and effective business tools with his team and Co-founder at Strategyzer. His work spans co-authoring like Value Proposition Design with Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, after designing Business Model Generation together. Selling over 2 million copies in 40+ languages, these tools have become the gold standard for Value Proposition design and Business Model innovation. He’s obsessed with business, and helping people succeed with theirs.


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