Amplifying Design Value


Dave Malouf

Design Ops Leader

The practice of Design Operations (DesignOps) is here. It is a fundamental part of any organization’s ability to deliver the highest value for its organization and its customers. But to do it well you need to know what the value of design practice is in your organization and you need to be able to do what is needed operationally to make the practice ever more valuable. Whether it is optimizing delivery, or creating the best overall culture for a design practice, an intentional and strategically implemented DesignOps practice is required. This talk will review what is the context for understanding design’s value in a digital product org today, and how to assess that value to tell a story to your team and stakeholders that your team is reaching goals that matter.

Dave Malouf is a veteran digital designer, design educator, and design leader. His diverse background covers a breadth of contexts large & small, commercial and consumer, agency and internal.He started his own practice due to his passion for helping designers be better at designing—to create the most value. As a highly collaborative and engaged problem framer and solver, Dave crosses the boundaries of design, research, and strategy to bring about success for his clients.

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