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Gleb Sabirzyanov
🎙 About the Speaker
Gleb has design background and development skills. He uses them to build digital tools that empower creatives because wants everyone to be able to express themselves creatively. Right now he is focused on building plugins and other resources for Figma (a collaborative design tool in the browser). He is also running a couple of online Russian Figma-related communities with thousands of people. So he is quite an expert in questions regarding Figma, knowing every possible hack and feature in the tool. The plugins and resources Gleb made are installed and used by thousands of people. Website: https://gleb.sexy/
📃 Talk Bio
Gleb designs and develops products for designers, specifically Figma Plugins. (Yes, it is very meta). Making something for others in your area of expertise is a great way to start a side-hustle. You scratch your own itch by solving your problem, and not only will you help yourself, but you can also help many others. Hear how he. became a Figma expert, and created plugins used by designers all over the world. Bonus: how to make a Figma plugin.

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