Creating a Paid Newsletter Subscription

Rosie Sherry

Community Builder

Which one is true? * I got 35 subscribers within a month (or $5k+ annualized revenue) * It took me 18 months * It took me 15 years * I've written less than 10 articlesThis is my story of how I approached and started a newsletter subscription.Most people will look at the relatively quick growth to $5k annualized revenue and drool with wanting in on the action. Of course it is wonderful and I'm really happy with my progress.I'm here to tell you about all the stuff that is under that iceberg. All the stuff that you don't see.It's not rocket science. I don't think it is actually that hard. But you have to come listen to find out!"

I ❤️ building communities.I lead the community over at Indie Hackers. Previously I 'indie hacked' Ministry of Testing, a global community for software testers.I've been building communities for 15 years and write about it over at rosie.land

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