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Tareq Ismail

Product Design Manager, Quora Prev: Amplitude

No one likes Navigation re-designs - yet they're incredibly important.Users have a hard time with them and Designers are either (1) too intimated by them or (2) or not intimidated enough and dive into them with out the right research. Even companies like SnapChat can mess up their navigation, something they did recently that cost them billions in their market cap.I'd like to share a new approach to tackling a Navigation re-design that I recently used to re-design the navigation at Amplitude. Using a mix of analytics and creative internal and external user research, we were able to do a navigation re-design that was incredibly net positive that I think others could benefit from.

Tareq is a Principal Designer at Amplitude where he's trying to make data analytics accessible and impactful for Product Managers and Designers. As a former PM and Engineer (Amazon, BlackBerry) he's worn many hats and seen how powerful data can be to making better decisions.He has a podcast, Iterate FM, where he talks about the beautiful and messy relationships that go into building great products.He's also been a CEO of a small iPad app company that 'successfully' failed and has many stories of failures that he's proud of. Above all these titles, he loves learning and mentors others (DesignLab) so they can find their place in the Design world.

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