Let’s make design hiring & job search, less painful.

What’s better than getting help from a talented recruiter?
A whole community of some of the tech recruiters in Canada, partnering with the leading UX and design community to help tackle design hiring.

Our team has helped hire designers across north america


With the combined reach of 8000+ designers and design leaders that can now access 4000+ HR, recruitment and people experts across North America – DesignX Community and The People People Group are re-imagining how hiring can be done better, faster and cheaper than traditional agencies.

Community Driven Referrals

Both DesignX and The People People Group have massive networks to tap into and find the hidden talent you've been looking for

Truly Vetted Talent

Work with hiring partners that truly understand what your design team needs, can actually assess a portfolio, you're eliminating false positives

Save Time

With a proven inbound, outbound and community based talent strategy, hiring happens faster when your partners understand the role and have the best practices and strategies at their disposal

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